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Our Curriculum

Preschool and daycare curriculum for children in Phoenix

Nobody takes your child’s academics more seriously than the team at Valley Child Care & Learning Centers. We have developed hands-on curriculum that caters to the way kids learn. Your child will develop practical skills that will help them transition into kindergarten.

Each classroom is divided into a variety of learning centers: language arts, circle time, math, and art. Each center invites your child to explore and learn more about the world.

Circle Time
Children begin their day at Valley Child Care & Learning Center with circle time activities like storytelling, singing songs, show-and-tell or matching games. These activities give children a chance to express their ideas in words and to connect the written word with spoken words.

Our preschool math curriculum will teach your child how to differentiate between big and little as well as how to sort, count and put things in order. These basic math skills are wonderful tools that will help your child develop the basic problem-solving skills they need to enter elementary school.

Our science center gives children hands-on opportunities to explore the physical world. Children use basic tools like magnets and magnifying glasses to interact with different materials. They can also play at sand or water tables.

Young artists are given the freedom to learn through handling, pulling, twisting, tearing, bending, scraping, cutting, pounding and shaping materials. Art helps preschoolers learn about form, balance, line, color, shape, and the relationships between objects. Children also build fine motor skills, learn logical thinking and practice problem-solving.

Building Blocks
Building blocks play an important role in children’s development as they learn hand-eye coordination, math and problem solving skills. Blocks encourage children to learn through trial-and-error as they stack towers up and let blocks come tumbling down.

Dramatic Play

Imaginations expand with the help of dress-up clothing, child-sized furniture and other props. Children can pretend to be just like Mom or Dad as they learn to share and make friends during playtime. Children also learn to express themselves through the power of imagination.

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