3 Things to Ask Your Child’s Preschool about Nap Schedules

Naptime Plays a Pivotal Role in Your Infant and Toddler’s Development. Learn the Recommended Sleep Requirements for Your Child’s Age Range

Sleep is important for everyone, but especially for babies and toddlers. According to What to Expect, infants can sleep for up to 20 hours in a day. Toddlers aren’t far behind with a daily requirement of 10-13 hours of sleep. At the West Phoenix location of Valley Childcare and Learning Center, we ourselves value sleep as well as our students. For parents who have concerns about their child’s sleep needs, here is a handy guide for age ranges and recommended sleep intervals: Read More

Inside Look at Toddler Development and Understanding Why Toddlers Bite

Dear Stacy,

My toddler loves going to preschool. Every day he comes running out with papers of his new artwork and full of stories of what they did that day. The transition from having my baby home with me all day to dropping my child off at a preschool facility has been difficult, but I was happy to see him enjoying his new friends.

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